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Does CRC offer any food grade products?

Yes, CRC offers a wide variety of Food Grade Products. Click the link below to view CRC’s Food Grade Catalog.

Food Grade Catalog PDF

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When should I use synthetic gear oils?

Synthetic gear oil should be used when mineral oils can no longer provide protection at high or low temperature extremes, or under very high loads. Synthetic gear oils provide outstanding thermal stability and offer protection under a wide temperature range (400ºF to -40ºF). These properties result in a fluid that does not require it to be changed seasonally. Sta-Lube® Synthetic Gear Oils are offered in the following viscosity ranges: SAE 75W, 80W90, 80W140 and 75W140. When using synthetics in a limited slip differential, be sure to use Sta-Lube®’s Equa-Torque® Differential Friction Modifier or K&W®’s Trans-X® Posi-Trac® Limited Slip Gear Oil Additive.

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How do I know which gear oil to use?

Follow the manufacturers recommended viscosity grade and GL rating.

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Can I use Minute Mend™ to repair a leak in my automobile’s gas tank?


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Can I use Di-Electric grease to seal and lubricate battery terminals and spark plugs?


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Why is it recommended that I clean out any old grease before applying new grease?

Not all greases are compatible. Incompatibility of greases may result in a component failure as a result of significant changes in the chemical and physical properties of the grease.

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