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What is the sales restriction of products containing HCFCs and how do I handle it?

Please see attachments below for pertinent information regarding the sales restriction of products containing HCFC.

CRC Technical Brief: HCFCs PDF March 30, 2013

Required Text for HCFC Sales Posting PDF October 2, 2006

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Where can I find the date code on CRC products?

Attached is the ‘How to Read a Datecode’ document and the date calendars.

How To Read A Datecode PDF

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What do the letters CRC mean?

CRC was formed as a company more than 50 years ago; its name was Corrosion Reaction Consultants.

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Does CRC warranty their products?

All CRC products have a conditional warranty of two years from date of manufacture.

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Do I have to pay for an SDS?

No, you can retrieve them from the product catalog.

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Are CRC aerosol cans recyclable?

Yes, they are recyclable where steel aerosol can recycling is available.

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